Clean Learning Environment

All children spend a substantial amount of time in school. It is therefore paramount that schools have a conducive environment both for the children, the teachers and non-teaching staff members. Part of this includes ensuring a clean and safe environment for the children throughout the school year. But why is this important? What can professional school cleaners do for the school?

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Importance of a clean school

The immunity of children is still finding its root and therefore it is so easy for them to contract different diseases. A dirty school is a breeding ground for different types of disease causing microorganisms. Such a school has a lot of absentee children and this leads to loss of millions of school hours and days. This has a direct effect on the success of the children in their studies.

This also affects teachers since they can also be affected by the dirt and the disease causing microorganisms. A school with a lot of abseentism among teachers has difficulties keeping track of the performance of the children and this can lead to dismal results among talented children.

A dirty school can also lead to the development or acceleration of life threatening conditions such as asthma and allergies among school going children and teachers. This has a long term effect on their health and in some cases, it might inhibit the realisation of their full potential. But with professional school cleaners, all this can be sorted out.

Absent teachers must be replaced and therefore the government hires substitute teachers during the time. This is a huge expense for the government and funds may actually be siphoned from projects to cater for the substitute teachers. With minimised abseentism, the government could use these funds to develop the schools, equip them with more books and even fund the education of those who may not have the funds to pursue basic education.

Importance of safety in school

When children are safe, they are more creative, open to learning and able to achieve more. Otherwise, they are scared and may not achieve much in school. This is one of the greatest reasons that schools need to ensure a safe learning environment. In addition to this, unsafe environment has a direct effect on the psychological and physical well-being of children. The fear inhibits proper growth which has long term effects. These children will grow into unstable adults, adults with immense psychological troubles who cannot function well in society.

Safety and cleanliness are extremely important in a school. Therefore all schools, whether public or private, should invest in ensuring that the school is not only clean and safe but it also has other components that provide a good learning environment for all.